used vespa px200 prices uk

Hello I'm thinking of getting a px200, seen a T-reg model, 13,000 miles, 12 mths mot for £1100. Do you know if this is a good price? have looked for a price guide in shops & on net with no luck. Wondering what the depreciation is like too, on these models. thanks in advance for any help, TC

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thompson69thompson699 Mar 2002
Hello Tony, £1100 does seem a fair price, If I were you I'd try and knock it down 50 quid though !! Give it a real good check over before you part with your cash !!
wellermanwellerman9 Mar 2002
Hello Tony, The scoot sounds ok for that money,you can get cheaper and you can get dearer for the same scoot on the same year,if you know what I mean?Scoots are a funny thing to put a hard and fast valuation on because they are so dependent on mileage and condition.That sort of answers the question of the depreciation,if you keep it looking and running in excellent condition the value will hold quite well.Is this your first scoot,if so you will need to know a couple of things, check the scoot starts and settles into an even tickover easily and quickly,take it for a run and ensure the gears select smoothly and do not jump out of the gear you have chosen and make sure all the electrics work.Remove the spark plug and check the colour of it,you are looking for a brownish colour with not too much dampness on it and that is about it really.If you decide to buy it I would recommend using only Silkolene fully synthetic 2 stroke and gearbox oil to give reliability and long life. Let me know how you get on Nick
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