Question on 80 series heavy duty kenmore washer

Hey Johnnyarcana, I have a question for you about my (my wife's) kenmore washing machine. This thing is over 10 years old and is a work horse. I've been able to figure out little problems over the years by taking the thing apart in the area of the problem and fixing it. Now I'm scratching my head. The machine doesn't fill up with hot water. Cold does fine but not hot. I verified that hot water comes out of the supply pipe connector in the wall, and the hose is clear. I then took the plastic peice apart that the cold and hot hoses hook up to (hot and cold water intake manifold?). it was clear and the single output to the hose that fills the machine is clear (since the cold water uses this to fill I figured the problem was before this part). There are 2 electrical connectors that hook up to the top of this hot/cold water intake. It seems they operate valves that regulate the hot and cold water mixture. I verified that the valves were clean and not stuck. Could that electrical connector lead to a senser on the hot side that might be the problem? If so could you give me some feedback on how to solve this problem by verifying and replacing the bad components . I appreciate your time and help vidkid

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johnnyarcanajohnnyarcana5 Jan 2002
The problem is not electrical, it a clog in the hot water supply piping. Remove the hot water hose and ckeck for a conical filter at one end. If the conical filter is clean then you must replace the hot water solenoid valve. This can be checked by swapping the wires on the hot and cold water solenoid valves and putting the machine on COLD cycle. If the tub fills completely with hot water, then it is the TIMER. If it still fills only half way, then it is a clog in the line. Parts, schematics, manuals, and technical assistance can be obtained at: 1-800-4-my-home or direct Good luck, John
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