My T5 looses power.

Hi everyone. I own a 96' volvo 850-t5. I didn't regret buying it even once. Howevcer, there's a problem in my car I can't solve: The problem is that when I push the gas pedal strongly in order to go really fast, the car somehow "loses power" in certain instants and it behaves as if I have left the gas pedal and pushed on the brakes for an instant. I have turned to many garages but they didn't know what to do. Do you know anything about it? Please help me I'm desperate.

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WeedleWeedle24 Mar 2002
Sorry my friend I'm not that technical to answer your question regardingly. See ya and thanks for contacting Patrick
foof1000foof100023 Mar 2002
Smkarim, Sounds like fuel pump or line to me. The 850 has two fuel pumps -- one is inside the gas tank, the other out. The reason no garage may have fixed your problem is, they have to take the gas tank off and out to get to the fuel pump. I suggest you go to an authorized Volvo dealer for this service, since it sounds like you've tried independents and they aren't fixing the problem. Sorry, smkarim, I wish I had better news. This is an expensive problem. Replacing the fuel pumps and blowing the lines (I assume you've already replaced the fuel filters) should solve the problem. BUT. Before you do that, ask the dealer to a) do a diagnostic on your fuel injection system (and even more expensive problem to fix, but you want to rule it out before fixing the fuel pumps) and on the engine computer. It's HIGHLY unlikely that the engine computer is malfunctioning, but it needs to be checked out. If these two systems are functioning perfectly, then the problem is probably in your fuel pumps and lines. Sorry, Smkarim -- this is going to cost you some dough. Peter
authorsmkarim 24 Mar 2002
Thank you so much for the answer. I think the computer may have something in common with the problem. Because sometime the ABS and TRACTION OFF lights are suddenly lightened after pushing the brakes strongly and after the brakes make a strange noise. Does that have any effect to the previous problem? Thank you again.
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