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I would like to find out what is necessary to live in the Philipines (or any other Asian country)on a 'permanent' bases, iow I do not like to cross the boarder each time a permit has to be renewed etc...I have lived in Indonesia for many years, but had the shift to and fort to Singapore or Malaysia every 2 or 6 months. In what way can I stay and live on a 'permanent' bases? Thanks for any reply. stefvn.

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Kingtut2Kingtut212 Jul 2004
Hello Stefan Living in the Philippines is great for expats. Your dollars will go a long way. And now with the elections FINALLY over, we hope to bring the economy back to normal. There is an agency that encourages people to "retire" here in the Philippines via the PLRA. (Phil. Leisure & Retirement Authority)and since it is a regulated agency, the rules are cut & dry. (as much as one would find such "cut & dry" rules anywhere in Asia, perhaps with the exception of Singapore. I suggest you check out the PH Government site and look for the section on "How do I.... get a visa ; retire in the PH? and then proceed to the nearest embassy either in Djakarta or in Singapore. There certainly is a way to stay here in the PH on a permanent basis. One needs to apply for this SRRV visa and I believe you need to make an investment (in USD) to signify your intent to "retire" in the PH.Do check out: for more details. You can also download the application form. Good luck and do make a visit to good ol PH before making your decision. Aside from Boracay there is Bohol and Siargao to retire to.
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