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I am networking two home computers to share files and internet access. The host has two nic's, one for RR and one connected to the other computer via a hub. I am using Windows 98 First Edition and a third party proxy software called "proksi". MSIE setup requires an IP address for the LAN host accessing the internet. Can you tell me how to find the IP address since I use 'auto detect'?

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niceguyny21niceguyny215 Aug 2001
You're really going to need to specify the IP address for the LAN, There's a couple blocks of private ip addresses I would use a or , since some cable providers (specifically roadrunner) use internal ip's in the range of 10.*.*.* ... as for the proxy software unless it HAS DHCP (automatically assigns ips) built into it you'll need to specifiy ip's on all of your computers on the internal LAN, can use anything from - ... and you should be all set, as long as all the computers on the lan can see each other...if you need additional help feel free to email me, be as specific as possible and i'll do my best... tmc@freeipp.com ... i gave up on internal network and went to commercial roadrunner, they gave me a cisco router which takes care of any internal networking for the most part.
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