how do I get new/used parts for troybilt chipper/vac model 47278

does any one have fan blades (part# 1901289)and shredder screen (part# 1908467010)

1 Answer

mockswedemockswede1 Apr 2008
ebay has been by far my best source - have to be persistent in trying different combinations of words to get what you want. once you start getting hits, you'll know what words to use. part numbers usually don't work for searvh but are then listed with item descriptions. search for "TROY BILT CHIPPER VAC FAN BLADE KIT WITH BOLTS" and "Troy bilt Chipper vac 1 1/8 in screen HEAVY DUTY" and you get site with both parts you need - set of six blades for $40 and screen is listed back on main page for this vendor. LECHNERLAWN AND GARDEN -search for this ebay vendor I have found that the screens are expensive $75 - 150 - you need to treat these nicely and regularly pound back into shape before grossly deformed. Probably worth it for metalmonger to weld or rehabilitate for less money. These DO take a beating. Also take care of your receiving bag with the zipper. Keep it clean so teeth don't wear out and lso watch out for tears due to abrasion with bolt ends. Patch these early. There are folks making good replacement bags, too. Probably better than original, IMHO. Finally, treat the hose carefully. Will eventually crack at housing connection or nozzle connection. Cut it off and use it 6 inches shorter. I've used quality duct tape wrapped around my hose to cover all the abrades cuts and holes and slices from 15 years of use. Was black - now silver! Wind tape down in valley following spiral while hose is fully extended. Then tape spine with wire spirally also. Need any more help? Call again!
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