Do I do? Or do I don't??

Well I am 48 , male and recently have become aroused by the idea of having a "Fling" with another younger woman. I am attractive and home alone days . I could easily do it but fear the guilt and dishonesty would eat away at me more each day after . But I know it would help get me out of this Slump and potential mid-life crisis, Do I do ? Or do I don't???

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skyesummersskyesummers10 Feb 2006
its ok to fantasize, you wont feel guilty if it stays a fantasy. would you feel guilty if you sneaked in a porn movie during the day instead. how would you feel if your wife said ...I am attractive and home alone days . I could easily do it .... sounds terribly insensitive. if you do decide to have your fling picture your wifes face if she found out. it could have a devistating effect. yes it would be all your fault! so yes feel guilty its your higher self speaking. you could have some harmless dressup fun with your wife. school uniforms? you talk of your mid-life crisis imagine how your wife would feel if she found out you had a lover and she was YOUNGER than her, ouch!!! It time for you to be more creative with your wife as she too will loose interest in you. why create a situation that will eat away at you like a cancer. thats no fun at all.
JinnJinn8 Aug 2005
I read your question today maybe it's a little late but maybe not so i'll just tell you what i think: the guy is right you are not gonna enjoy it if you feel guilty, or it will make you a different peron in front of your wife. If it's mostly just to get out of the slump and mid-life crisis then i think you can find many other things to do tat will help and wont hurt your wife! Many things that you can even be proud of telling her when she comes home. xx
grahambgrahamb19 May 2005
Ultimately if you feel guilty about it you are not going to enjoy it. Having said that its worth trying rather than regret not trying it
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