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Hello All, I recently purchased Konica Minolta Dimage X31.I have been using this digi camera for two weeks and currently, it is not working well. I am a newbie of digital camera and appreciate if you could gave me your valuable advice and help. When I change the battery of the camera, I had forgotton to switch off the power. Once I start up the camera, it works totally well. However, once I switch it off, the status lights keep blinking non-stop until my battery exhausted. This will stop once I open the battery cover. After that, I can switch it on again but the blinking light problem will happen once I switch off. Is there resolution to this problem? Please kindly help. Thanks.

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vuncenzovuncenzo31 Aug 2005
Sorry I have no clue, I have a different kind of minolta
roesplaceroesplace31 Aug 2005
Hi doggy, Marcorien is right! Your action triggered a bug in the software, your camera doesn't know if he has a battery, if he has a full battery and so on. This is a problem in the minolta software and the camera specialist should be able to reset this so that you won't have the problem again. This should be free of carge because of the warranty. Good luck! Rob
marcorienmarcorien31 Aug 2005
Hello doggy300905, Sorry, I can't give you specific help on this. I own a Konica-Minolta Dynax 7D, but askanowner didn't have that category yet when I subscribed. It could be a bug in the software, or some damage might have occured. Your best guess is to bring it back to the shop where you bought it - you still have warranty. Put on your dumbest face and say no more than "it doesn't work properly". My opinion is that a camera should be able to survive the kind of action you described, so don't let them put the blame on you. Good luck! marcorien
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