Zenith TV and DVD

I have an old Zenith Sentry 2 TV to which I'm trying to hook up a DVD player. The manual says that I need to use the AUX channel, but I can't seem to find it. The manual suggests trying channel 999, which doesn't work. It also suggests pressing channel up or channel down past the highest and lowest channels, which also doesn't work. It even says that if you don't have any signal source connected and you search for channels that only channel AUX will be activated, which also doesn't work. Any ideas?

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moman241moman24130 Dec 2005
try through a VCR vedeo/audio inputs then to the TV,in this case VCR has to stay on to watch DVD.
bosoxfanbosoxfan27 Dec 2005
The DVD player probably only has raw audio and video outputs....does the TV have audio / video inputs? I would think it does or where would you be putting the outputs of the DVD..... does the TV have an on screen menu? If so, I would look in the menu for a selection of "aux" or "external audio / video. The only other way is to buy a converter that accepts audio /video inputs and outputs them on "channel 3" (Radio Shack).
authorpporter 31 Dec 2005
I tried that many times, but to no avail. However, I found a workaround. I used an old VCR as a coax connection to the TV through channel 3, and connected the DVD to the yellow and white inputs on the VCR. Tuned the TV to channel 3 and the VCR to channel L2, and I'm OK. My kids say that the screen turns blue every now and then, but it's good enough for them to watch movies in the basement. Thanks for all your help.
authorpporter 31 Dec 2005
Yes, it finds all the channels. When I select up/down it just rolls around to the next channel. When I press SOURCE, it just stays on whatever channel I am on. <<<When you press the channel up/down, can you select "aux"....does "aux" show in the channel selection?>>> No. <<<If not, what shows after the highest/lowest channel?>>> The lowest of highest channel, respectively. <<<If you are seeing "aux" in the channel selection, then I would think there is some electronics that has failed within the set.>>> I never see AUX in the channel selection. <<<What does the manual say about the source button on the remote.....what is it supposed to be for?>>> I think I answered this. Thanks for your help!!
authorpporter 30 Dec 2005
With the television not connected to anything, I do a channel search and come up with only one channel, channel 2 (even though the manual says that I should get only channel AUX.) When I press channel up or down, I still get channel 2. Here's what the manual says about the source button on the remote: "Press to display the menu of TV sources for TVs having a SOURCE menu. Press SOURCE again to step through the source selections. On some TVs, press source to select the AUX channel." I don't know which of these applies to my set.
authorpporter 30 Dec 2005
It says this: "To use these connections, you must watch the AUX channel on the TV. To select the AUX channel, press CHANNEL Up/Down until you select the next channel after the highest/lowest channel (or you may enter the number 999 from the remote.)" None of these things works, however, to select the AUX channel. My remote also has a SOURCE button, but that doesn't do anything either. It is the original remote.
authorpporter 29 Dec 2005
Yes, it's the original remote and I have the original manual.
authorpporter 28 Dec 2005
Thanks for the reply. The TV has audio and video inputs, and I have connected the DVD to them. My remote has a "source" button, but it doesn't do anything. I've tried connecting other devices to the inputs, but the TV just doesn't seem to go to the AUX channel to pick them up.
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