Whipper Snapper R20500 lawn mower won't start -- loose wire/cord

I have a WhipperSnapper R20500 which will not start. Two weeks ago, I mowed the lawn and it worked fine. It has gas in it. At first I was getting a lot of resistance when I pulled the start cord, but didn't see anything on the blades when I looked underneath. After a few tries, I was able to pull the cord, but the engine never caught. Then I noticed that there was a loose wire. I have no idea where it goes. The wire is covered in black plastic. One end is connected to the engine(?) or the main part. There is a plastic connector, then the wire continues. It says E-4576H 20 AWG AWM STYLE 10:5 /1230 105 C 600V...CSA TEW 105. At the end of this wire, the black plastic covering stops and there's about half an inch of bare wires. What should the other end be connected to? I looked online and found the Snapper manual, but wasn't able to find any information to resolve the problem.

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iondesigneriondesigner21 Aug 2005
The wire may go to the engine kill switch. Check the following: start with the lever on the handle that you have to hold to keep the mower running and follow the attached cable down to the engine. When you move the lever back and forth it moves another lever down on the engine. When the lever is set at the "stop" position the engine lever should be in contact with a small plastic piece that has a small loop of wire on it. There should be a black or white wire attached to that plastic part and it should go up under the engine cover. If that wire is not there then the black wire you have might be the engine kill switch wire. See if the wire you have will reach that part of the mower. if so see if you can reattach it to the plastic piece. On the other hand, if the wire starts at the plastic part but is broken off from the other end then you need to take it in for service. Good luck.
cholbachcholbach20 Aug 2005
Without looking at what you see it is difficult to say. If it is a thin wire it may go to a relay or to the coil itself. Look for a connector that has no wire. Also try to trace the wire back to where is is connected. Let me know what it hooks up to and I might be able to help. The resistance thing could be many things. Remove the spark plug and then hook up the line back onto it. Touch the plug to the hole where you can still see the end of the plug. Get someone to pull the cord and see if it sparks. That should be your starting point.
bigjaayusmcbigjaayusmc11 Aug 2005
Normally, to start the engine a lever on the handle must be engaged. Your disconnected cable might go to the part that allows for an easy start. Take off your pull string assembly and investigate.
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