What kind of cultural barriers did Eurodisney have to overcome in order to succeed??

  Hi, I'm writing a paper on the cultural aspects affecting transatlantic business ventures and was hoping you could please tell me what initial difficulties Eurodisney faced in the opening stages? Bedankt, Richard

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kokopellikokopelli7 Dec 2001
Actually, it thought the French would be 'against' it, being all American. Naturally, by 'voice' they were, however, they were also the largest visitors group. The second issue was personal. Too many French employees didnt speak English or any other language for that matter. So a lot of 'internationals' were hired, many Dutch, speaking 4 or more languages. The French objected, and after about 4-5 years, the French got it their way, and Disney was so stupid to hire more and mor French without language capabilties, even in 'guest-contact' job possitions. That did attract more and more French visitors, but almost all of the 'international' visitors complained. This has still not been resolved, due to the stuborn French unions. Hope this helps! Kokopelli
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