Two beeps on call request

Please forgive me on my English but this is best i can do, I hope you will have an answer for me becose in Bosnia no one can help me about this. My phone gives me just 3 or 4 calls after batery charging, and afther that I just get 2 beeps when I try to make a call. I brought a new batery but it is the same thing. I charged it for 18 hours and after few calls batery status is below 4.0 V, and I can't make a call. If someone try to call me my network tell him that i'm not available. Everything is fine when phone is connected to charger. Thank You!

1 Answer

ZULZUL1 Jan 2002
sorry for the delay.i just came back from a long holiday. i think your phone have problem.mine dont have that problem. i am woundering why you charger the phone for 18 hours. mine maximum 3 hours and can last at least for 3 days (average 4 call per day for about 5 minutes per call). i think the problem is that you over charge the cause the battery to dead and can not last long happy new year.
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