TP 600E error code 00174

Think I corrupted some boot files. Won't boot from HDD or floppy. If I remove HDD and replace with the HDD from another TP 600E it works (different OS). If I try floppy boot it comes up Disk I/O error.

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formerisanformerisan17 Dec 2004
I had problem once with 380XD HDD not being recognized at all. IBM's Easy Setup was not helping either. I ran the Win98SE start-up disk and use FDISK to look at the partition. None listed at all. I went ahead partition and then format the HDD and it was a success. Give it a try only when you don't mind losing the existing HDD content.
agentpizzaagentpizza22 Nov 2004
The error code 174 means: Device Configuration Error. Usually it means there is a problem with the device itself, especially when a different HDD seems to work. Additional manuals on the TP600E can be downloaded here, have a look at the hardware maintenance manual in particular link: Also there is a description in there on how to run a system diagnostics check. have a look. Sorry can't help you more without a look at the thing.
authorprotopipnit 22 Nov 2004
One of the dangers of trying to help someone is they always expect more-so here goes. Easy Set up checks out fine with the exception of the HDD test -in essence the diagnostic doesn't recognize it's existance.(Icon shows as a dotted line)I figure it's not a BIOS problem since the drive I borrowed from my other TP 600 works OK when I insert it. So its down to the drive itself. I think I caused the failure myself by pulling the power plug before the OS had a chance to shut down normally (more than once) By fiddling around I have managed to get the floppy working again- tried Disk mechcanic, it loaded from floppy but couldn't see the HDD either. Tried XP boot disk floppy set-the way they are currently set up you don't get an A: prompt much less a C: prompt.Load from CD also doesn't work. Know of any good floppy loadable diagnostic progams? Tried IBM download to my main computer- it won"t I get a msg to the the effect that the material is to be used only by IBM service personnel-these downloads have always worked for me in the past. I understand that sending the disc out for data recovery is very expensive?? If I just replace the disc I'll probably be back in the " I won't activate you slot with MS" Stood in that line for over a year before they got tired of listening to me. Finally- Thanks for responding I look forward to hearing from you again- If we get it going I'll buy you a Pizza.
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