To start RX 100 without choke

Hi, I have faced this probl;em with both my RX 100's till now. I cannot start the bike without choke, IS there a way to correct this. My friens do not face this problem,. Please help. Thanks

3 Answers

ezhilanezhilan14 Oct 2007
hi i am ezhilan.ido face the same problem,just apply the choke and don't give the accelarator it gets started at one kick.
Inder Preet SinghInder Preet Singh29 Jun 2007
i do face the same problem but only when the engine is cool. if you are facing the same problem with hot engine get it serviced from some expert. regards Inder Preet Singh
pacheuspacheus27 Jun 2007
hi, the engine start with choke only when it´s cool, early in the morning or when the wheather is very cool, but if it´s warm, must start whitout trouble. check the carburator, fuel inlet and air inlet. greeting from Colombia...
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