the best movie making software........

what is the best software out there for editing your home movies to add special effects and make it look more proffessional? This is for a PC not an Imac.

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mbillmbill21 Mar 2002
so sorry my friend i'm a graphic desinger working with picture only
PHWPHW18 Mar 2002
I like MGI videowave!
Alireza ShadmanAlireza Shadman16 Mar 2002
Hi Dear curly777: I hope that i can help u,however...i use the "Ulead MediaStudio Pro 6.0" for editing my home video,the instruction for useing this software is easy too while it's proffessionaly program for so many effects and edits...try to o it and ask me more about it if u nead,i am ready to help u if i can
authorAdmin 18 Mar 2002
how much does that program cost?
BuliwyfBuliwyf14 Mar 2002
Adobe Premiere 6 or Ulead Video Studio 5
shortkidoepieshortkidoepie13 Mar 2002
In that case, I must say Adobe Premiere. If you do not have any editing-experience it might take you a while to get the hang of it, but ones you do it is fabulous.
plamb93plamb9311 Mar 2002
videostudio version 6.0
tunintunin10 Mar 2002
Adobe Premier is the one. curent version 6
albungeealbungee10 Mar 2002
hi curly777, the best home video editing that i am using is a pinnacle studio pctv pro which has three simple steps, capture, transition, text editing and tranfer to dvd or vhs, digital or analoge,your pc must be up to speed and have a tv out card for analoge tranfer to vhs. your question was "the best home movie software" well for me this is the best for what i need including the cost which at $90.00us was believe me a bargin compared to some of the equivalents out there. But again your system must be up to speed. regards albungee.
electricpeaelectricpea9 Mar 2002
Have absolutely no idea.Do not poccess a Tv/video card or a cd writer on my computer but would welcome both if finances permitted,lol.(I would have to seriously upgrade for a start).Seriously though,I hear good things about the whole `Videowave` software series.Have also read a few reviews which rate it highly.My brother actually works in software industry and Im always getting palmed off with free demo software.Send a mailing address to and I`ll send you a trial version copy of videowave 4.0 if you want? :)
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