hi i just want to know how much horse power there is in a stock 1303 beetle? if i will make some modification like puting a headers, weber carb, port and polishing,lighting the flywheel if advisable, what will be the additional horse power? thanks

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Willem vTWillem vT14 Feb 2005
Hallo, The power of your engine depends on several facts: A Beetle 1303 (aug 72-aug 75) with a 1300cc engine is 44hp/4100 rpm A Beetle 1303S (1972-1976) with a 1600 cc engine is 50hp/4000rpm. The effect of the capacity can be manipulated a little, but I would give you the advice to be careful. The answer of fertobarcar (14-02-2005 - 15.14h) is clear. It is not a great performance engine, when you are going to ask too much of your beetle, you can create damage. Thinking about other tires can give you another feeling, I agree. Willem
ClassicarClassicar14 Feb 2005
A Standard 1303 Beetle pushes out 50 HP DIN, that is at the rear wheels. You can go to the website www.volkspares.co.za and look at the possibilities to push up the power. I've seen an engine at Volkspares the other day which is 2.7 liters and develops 200 KW!!! EMPI is the people who specialises in these power equipment and maybe you can look on the internet on their websitre http://www.empius.com/. Hope this helps Ben
fertobarcarfertobarcar14 Feb 2005
Hi Boba1303: You would help me if you tell me the year and the engine code of your VW. Engine code are the two letters at the begining of engine number. The engine's horse power is increased by all of this minor works you want to perform within 15% and 25% depending on the job's quality. That what the skilled literature says. Normally are not a way or a formula to determine how many the power is increased with each modificaction. Each type of engine responds in a differnt way when doing the same jobs. The VW engine is not a great performance engine, lower compression ratios and lower RPM makes the VW engine a very hard to work with in order to obtain some important gains. That is the reason why for the VW are entire new hi performance engines. And I suggest you to investigate about big bore vw engines. A easy way to make the VW gain in performance is changing the wheels and tires. Put a 14" rims and a 175/70 tires on, and you will feel like a new car.
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