Should I buy A wheelchair or a power chair?

Hello everyone, last month my grandpa met with a serious accident and, going through lack of sensation on the entire right side of their body. Doctor has suggested him not to make any movement unless and until the body gain muscle strength. Though grandpa is very active in his daily life and couldn't able to sit idle at single place without any work. So me and my dad decided to gift them a power chair so that he can move a while but around the area of home only. We are in bit confusion whether to buy a wheelchair or a power chair, as many of my dad friends suggested to buy a power chair as with this they may not need any assistance and can do their work independently. While searching, I came across a Spin life Online store for all types of wheelchairs, which offers best deals also. Should I buy a power chair from this store? Or do you guys have any other options?

1 Answer

JohnJohn12 Feb 2021
There are several good options. I'd also take a look at this store:
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