Sharp Carousel II over the range microwave - door won't latch

The door does not stay latched. The two hooks on the door are intact. I opened the control panel and could find no broken parts in the space. The bottom hook receiver has 2 switches with a black one on top and a red little peg of it that the top latch receiver doesn't have. Don't believe that is the problem or I would have found the other switch on the bottom of the compartment.

2 Answers

MicrowaveControlDotComMicrowaveControlDotCom19 Dec 2007
Any chance you can take a digitial photo to show what you mean by "red little peg of it that the top latch receiver doesn't have"?
authorgrappler 19 Dec 2007
Already got an answer, the spring inside the door holding the latch down is broke.
marc.omarc.o17 Dec 2007
Does the door offer any resistance when closing, does the 2 protruding hooks spring in to the lower position when lifted with the door open, if you hold the door closed does the oven operate normally. Let me know and we will continue. Marc
authorgrappler 18 Dec 2007
The hooks do move down, but it appears only because of gravity. There is no spring tension pulling it down. So it looks like I need a new door OR is there a way to open the door up - I don't see one. THANKS
authorgrappler 18 Dec 2007
There appears to be no or very little resistance when closing the door. The light does not shut off and if the door is held shut, it still will not operate (Model R-1600). With it unplugged, I can hear a little clicking noise that appears to be coming from the bottom hook contact.
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