Scotts lawn tractor not firing

I recently bought this Scotts 42" 17 hp Briggs & Stratton engine, lawn tractor from a friend. He has a lawn service now and has not used this practically new mower in over a year. I got it to my place, added fuel with stablizer, changed oil, changed out spark plug and air filter, and battery. This lawn tractor tried to start like a champ, never once has it fired yet. The starter will run till the battery dies, yet no fuel smell from the exhaust---spark plug does fire, the new one was blackened when I pulled it to check it out. I tried to hot wire the seat connection, no difference. I think the fuel pump is not operating... Any suggestions?? Thanks for any help

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GoogsGoogs29 Oct 2005
Yikes! If it was turning over, all your safety mechanisms were functional. No fuel pump on these tractors. It is gravity fed from your fuel tank. By your left foot you will find your fuel line running down. First thing you hit on that line is your filter. Mine have always been clear plastic filters so I can look at my gas entering the filter. You should see gas in the filter. If no gas is present, then open up your gas cover and look at the bottom of the tank. You should clearly see the hole where the gas goes down. If it looks dirty down there then my guess is you have debris blocking the bottom of the tank where the line goes out or there is debris in the line itself. Recommend you get your gas can out and drain the tank back into the gas can. Do that by disconnecting the gas line right as it enters the carb. That should be just a pressure clamp holding it so take your pliers and squeeze the tabs together and wiggle the clamp down. Next, take a pair of vice grips and clamp down on the gas line so you don't have much gas spilling (if any) when you remove it. Pull gently downward with some rotation as well on teh gas line. Should pop right off. Drain it back to your gas can. If you do see gas in the filter, the unscrew your air cleaner and give a 2 second burst of starting fluid. TRy starting the mower immediately after that. If it fires up for a brief second or two, you now know that the trouble is in your gas line somewhere between the filter and the carb. If it doesn't fire up, give a 3 second burst and repeat. If nothing still, (I am assuming you tested for spark at the plug already) since you have everything drained from the tank take your line off at the tank (make sure tank is empty) and then wipe clean. Blow through the hose from the tank end. You should be able to blow the gas from the filter right out the other end. If not, then take the line off after the filter and blow through it. If you can, your filtr was clogged, if you can't the line was clogged. It is only; a few dollars to replace the line. You can try and blow the debris out if it works. Now if you can blow the air and gas clear form the tank to the end of the line at the carb, then cross your fingers and get a minister. You got gunk in your carb blocking your fuel flow. You can disassemble the carb and hit it with some carb cleaner but this is where I would say to get your buddy with the lawn mower business to give you a hand. I am not sure if there are coatings or the what not that the carb cleaner could damage. I throw a bit of STP or BGK in my gas everyonce in awhile to prvent gunk. Best of luck, Googs
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