Satellite 220 CS Sound driver setup

I have trouble with setting up my sound drivers of my Toshiba Satellite 220CS. I have tried to install the drivers at Toshiba Tech support center, but there was not something that would have worked out. ( How can I get the sound card of my Toshiba installed right? Now the device list has all the audio devices without drivers, and no sound is coming out... If you can help me, I am really thankfull! Yours Faithfully, Jukka Paatero

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juniperjuniper24 Jul 2002
sorry for the late answord, yust came back from hollidays. I am a simple satellite user, not at all a technical person. So I cannot help you. Have a nice day, Chris
clpclp24 Jul 2002
If you have downloaded the correct drivers (Win9X/WinNT/WinXP/Win2000) your soundcard should eiter work or a yellow questionmark should appear next to the sound devices. When I searched the downloads I could not find a Satellite 220CS only 200CDS or 205CDS. Another possibility is that the speakers are broken. Did you buy the lapton new or used or did you reinstall the OS? Please let me know so I can try to help you out!
WarrenWarren24 Jul 2002
You dont state what your Operating system is a little difficult to actually pinpoint where the problem may be. When you try to update the Sound Driver are you trying to use an .inf file or is the file you downloaded a SETUP.exe installation? The fact that you cannot get any sound from your Laptop could be caused by a few other problems rather than the Driver not being loaded correctly. Check your settings in the Control panel and check Multimedia settings to ensure that the Sound system is actually detected. Then when this has been verified go to the Sounds section of Control Panel and see if you can make any of the default sounds work. Ensure that the Volume is up and that the Volume control on the Taskbar is not MUTED. Without actually seeing the problem it is not easy to pinpoint where to start but I would follow above. Good luck.
SilverrapSilverrap17 Jul 2002 You might be able to find it here..... you might need to run the driverdetection first if you don't know the manufractures name... Rick
lamawaaielamawaaie17 Jul 2002
Jukka, I have had the same experience and struggled for a while with this problem. I have found a driver called "Crystal SoundFusion[tm] CS4281 WDM Audio" and now all works fine. Mind you, there is no guarantee that it will work for your 220CS. Send an email to anf I will reply with the driver files. Good luck!!
dochogandochogan17 Jul 2002
I don't think I'll be of much help...I don't have that model. I also do not know what OS you are running. Basic things to check first would be: Make sure audio is not muted (use the volume control in the System Tray, by the clock) Make sure volume dial is turned up Delete all audio devices in device manager and restart windows, letting windows auto-detect the hardware delete all audio devices in device manager, then re-install drivers *before* restarting I hope this helps. Sorry I couldn't be more specific
john djohn d16 Jul 2002
Right, well....... I've not had this particular problem with my Toshiba Laptop as it arrived in perfect condition apart from the "Flowerpower" desktop scheme, lack of a CD-ROM & no battery. However, my Grandma's HP Pavilion desktop PC had a problem with the sound a few months back. The fix suggested by Tech support (either COMET electrical retailer or HP themselves), was to go into the computer's BIOS settings (restart windows, and start tapping the F1 key as soon as it's rebooting.... or however your laptop suggests you do it)...... carefully search through the options in the menu's, and put the settings to DEFAULT. Save the new BIOS settings, and restart the Laptop and it should reboot with the Windows sound making you jump right out of your skin in shock. Failing that, did you ever consider contacting Toshiba technical support? Or go to your nearest friendly independant local computer store, and see if they have any idea. Also, did you go to and look through the Microsoft knowledge base? ~ JD
bzurgbzurg16 Jul 2002
Hi Jukka, I have the Satellite 2800, so I don't think I can help. I would call Toshiba directly. Thanks.
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