The heater on the above car doesn't heat and the A/C doesn't blow. Any ideas, would it be the motor or something less expensive!!!!

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firstturnfirstturn29 Oct 2005
instead of leaving it on auto try switching off the air con' and see if the heater works on it's own, if it does, check if the air con' needs regassing. it may not be reaching the right pressure to work properly. mine had a leak on the condensor which caused a similar fault, but the heater usually worked.good luck.
johnccormackjohnccormack29 Oct 2005
i can't add anything to the replies so far
marcbaxmarcbax27 Oct 2005
My guess: dodgy connector on blower fan or it's relay (under glove compartment), if the climate control does work (i.e. lights up and the bars move up/down). Should reseating the connectors not work, time to take out the fan and do some measurements on it. Thankfully it is quite accessible... Marc
kkaphoskkaphos27 Oct 2005
As the car is an Exec I presume you have climate control. I have had problems with my safranes system. Does the LCD panel light up when you press the auto button? By that I mean can you turn the fan up and down manually on the display and do the bars respond and is the heater motor running. If the display does not come on then the first thing to look at is the fuse. Try this first then repost with the result. All the best
RichardMillsRichardMills27 Oct 2005
Does the fan turn? If it does, it could just be something simple like the thermostat which measures the temperature - this is simple to replace. If not, then it could be a relay or just a fuse, or the heater. Also, if you look at there is a diagnostic chart and instructions on how to tell what's wrong with the system.
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