Please Help! How to Reformat a Dell Latitude CPx laptop

Hoping you all can help me out. My Dell Latitude CPx isn't working. When I boot up, it shows the Dell logo and the boot process but instead of going to the windows screen, the screen goes blank and in the middle of the page there is only ">>_" I can't type anything in the cursor and enter doesn't work. I'm not sure what I can try to fix this.....Any ANY help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

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DjbpcsDjbpcs16 Jul 2005
check what boot priority order is given, it should be Hard disk (hdd) > cd/rom etc. check foir viruses come back if this doesn't solve the problem
peakcrewpeakcrew16 Jul 2005
Hi, yabbledabble, A bit more information would be useful. Which version of Windows are you using? Was it working fine before this episode? If yes, had you installed any new programs or hardware just before it went belly-up? Has the number of beeps changed when you switch the machine on? (It should be one short beep). Is the drive light coming on? If not, switch on the machine, then keep hitting the "Del" button until you get the bios screen up - is the hard drive being recognised? Let me know the answer to these, and we'll see what we can do. Yours, Jeremy.
authoryabbledabble 16 Jul 2005
Unfortunately, no boot disk, I'd appeciate any files or links you can send to me. The drive does make noise on boot up then beeps twice and goes to the previous error message I mentioned. Thanks again for the help! jamie
authoryabbledabble 16 Jul 2005
Hi Jeremy, It's Windows 2000. I was able to get to the system setup screen and alt-p to get the drive page. The HDD hard drive was not active, so I changed that to recognize. Now when I reboot it says "No bootable devices -- Strike F1 to try to reboot, F2 for system utility". No new programs were installed before it went down. Thanka again! jamie
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