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My daughter has a Grundig 14" television. The numbers on the back are P37-1010 and 722544A041 and 563779. On screen keeps asking for a pin code and she has not put one in. She needs to know how to clear the pin code out of the television. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Susan.

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hay_zeehay_zee1 May 2004
Sorry I can't help you with this one. I own a diffrent model of Grudig TV but I think I can assist you with an email address for technical support. I asked a question on the web and this man called Ralph did respond my email. I think he would be happy to answer your query. Good Luck and I hope this helps. He is in technical information Unit. It will probably turn out to be something simple. Take care
lyubomirlyubomir30 Apr 2004
I suspect your daughter's TV is 'parental locked'. Otherwise I don't know about any PIN codes required on Grundig TVs. If you don't have correct unlock code try universal code 7038. After this you will regain access to the TV and should be able to clear access code. I can't help you if your P37-1010 is customized for special purposes, such as security monitoring.
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