Peerless Hydrostatic Transmission Question

My Murray 465600x71A tractor has a Peerless 2000-002a transaxle with a Peerless 6845-p91 pump. My tractor is moving very slowly, so I replaced the drive belt, though the old one seemed fine. Still moves slowly, so I'm guessing I'm low on hydraulic fluid. Info is very scarce on the transaxle and pump. I've found that the transaxle calls for 80w90 fluid, but can't find what is used in the pump or the correct method of checkfilling the fluid levels. I'm hoping that you can provide this information or point me in the correct direction. Thanks!

2 Answers

jaymarsmlengjaymarsmleng15 Oct 2005
The reason that hydrostatic transmissions re "hard" to work on is because nobody ever tries. now just imagine that the transmision is an automatic in a car or truck, well in a way its the same princple, there is a series of check valve inside those transmissions. My advise to you is if you're too scared to mess something up, DON'T touch it go see a place like Princess Auto here in canada, or some other similar type of place in the U.S that has a specility in hydraulic pumps, they can answer all your problems and can steer you in the right direction. Never get a small engine shop to repair your hydrostatic transmission unless they are qualified in transmission and transaxle repair.
cottomcottom8 Oct 2005
When I have a hydrostat starting to act strangly I make sure it finds a new home, quickly. Outside of than I change the oil, and I do use the manufactures recommended fluids, and filter. Which can be expensive. The Cub Cadet oil is around $8.00 per quart, and 4 quarts are needed. Cub uses the same oil for both lube and hydrulics. I cannot recall having every heard of a shop that even tries to repair one, and replacement if VERY EXPENSIVE.
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