Opel Astra 17TD with drive belt/timing belt problem

Are there any modifications for the defective Opel engines 17td. I suffered a big problem last summer, damaged drive belt/timing belt/all the 8 valves etc just after 9000km. I had spend all my money to buy this car but unfortunately everyone knows here in Malta that it is not a reliable car. Could you give me a good news on what to do? Should I change the car (I do not have the money but)???

1 Answer

BlueCorsaDudeBlueCorsaDude29 Jan 2004
Hi mark, I don't know if there's a modification for this engine butt!!: if your in love whit tour car you also can chance the engine. if you stick to the same pk's (hp) and the same of cilinders you even don't have a problem whit you registrations. greetz bluecorsadude
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