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Hi mate I have recently acquired a omni 2100 which had xp pro on it but this is unstable as it does not recognise usb or infrared hardware (overwrites/does'nt see bios setting)have queried hp support recommend use 98se, problem now arises as no original recovery cd, once disk reformatted std 98 boot disk wont install cd-rom drivers to continue. Advice, help and location of recovery cd/drivers much!!!! appreciated thxs Mike Palm c/o

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Stargates Inc.Stargates Inc.18 Dec 2005
I run XP Pro just fine on my Omnibook 2100's and I even upgraded my CD caddy to a CDRW, use an external DVDRW drive as well as an PCMCIA Firewire card to my external firewire har drive all with NO PROBLEMS :) You can XP HOME or PRO on these with at least 128 or more RAM ( I run 192mb) only you need to UPDATE your BIOS first BEFORE installing XP and you might want to download any XP drivers to have on hand too.
scatterpodscatterpod28 Oct 2004
Hi, I have had XP on a 2100, and it seemed to work fine apart from the things you mention (also didn't recognise the battery). There is no way to get these to work with XP (or win2k) so 98SE is the best option. I have installed 98SE from scratch on a dozen of these laptops, and once I got the sequence sorted out, don't have a problem any more. Having said that, I never had a problem installing cd-rom drivers from the 98 boot disk - maybe you have a hardware problem somewhere. Anyway - just to confirm that what you are doing should work, the steps I go through are as follows... 1. Boot from 98 boot disk, and use fdisk to partition the hard drive (remove anything that is already there first). If you want to be able to hibernate, don't use the default which makes the primary dos partition take all the disk, leave 100M or so unpartitioned(depends on your RAM size). If you do this, don't forget to make the dos partition active. 2. Reboot from 98 boot disk, and format the c: drive, using "format c: /S" to make it bootable. 3. As the 2100 has swappable floppy and cdrom (you can't have both at the same time) I then copy the 98 boot disk onto the c: drive. (some files may need tweaking to work properly from the C: drive). (I have a modified boot disk which works) 4. Turn off, replace the floppy drive with the cd drive and turn on again. you should be able to start with cdrom support. 5. From then on, standard 98SE should load without problem. The only other things I do are a) use phdisk to create hibernation partition, b)install neomagic driver for display c)install synaptics touchpad driver (lets you turn off the tap to click feature). Let me know if want any more details. Neil
authormike palm 29 Oct 2004
hi mate yes i see what you me by copying the floppy to drive except you mention certain files you've tweaked to achieve this you would'nt be so kind as to let which and how thxs
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