Iv'e got a used 1999 42" 17.5hp Murray rider in very good shape{low hours}Question being, Rear Transaxle lube system. How do I check the oil level, add or change fluid to it etc. etc. Iv'e looked underneath but can't see any thing that looks familiar! Need Help!! Thanks Danny Stayton

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ttexasttexas10 Jun 2005
Murray has used a lot of sealed Peerless (Tecumseh) units over the years. They've also used at least one other brand (can't recall which one at the moment--and I don't know if it's sealed.) Surprisingly, "sealed" really does mean sealed. In order to check the lube level or add lube, you've gotta "crack the case"--take the halves of the housing apart. If I'm not mistaken, Peerless has used at least 3 different types of lube in their transaxles since the early 70s: bentonite grease, hydraulic oil, and 80- or 90-weight gear lube. That's hard justify from my perspective--but maybe there's method in their madness (which is madness of their own making): possibly they've prevented owners from adding the wrong kind of lubricant for the particular model. While I respect and sympathize with your wanting to check your rider over thoroughly, I'd recommend that you just use that transaxle until it bites the dust. I've got '73 model Murray with a (sealed) 6-speed Peerless transaxle that's still going strong and has never had the lube checked on it! The engine has been overhauled but the transaxle has not. I hope your experience with this '99 turns out to be similar. On the other hand, if yours is obviously leaking, you'll probably want to either go to the trouble of disassembly or find one of those old guys who lives out at the edge of town surrounded by small engines and mower parts. He'll have a used transaxle for sale.
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