My samsung fridge keeps switching off?

i have a samsung sr L36 fridge/freezer which has just started switching its self off. it seems to stay on a bit longer if you change temp to -19 c but even then it still turns it self off Please help

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Ren DrenRen Dren21 Oct 2019
11 years on and Acrogen is still a genius... Took out the control panel gave it a clean (Even though I couldnt see the little hairy things he described) Put it back together and my freezer works again! Thanks!
damthatfridgedamthatfridge11 Nov 2015
Jave srs594hnss doing the same thing but looks different to this fridge, any one got any clues?
Sean FinchSean Finch27 Sep 2015
Thanks so much! I've had fridge specialists out I've had electricians out and was told to replace my fridge! I got hold of the agents for Samsung South Africa, they told me it was the PC bird that needed replacing.... But they are obsolete. "So can I interest you in this latest fridge for R8000 :)" I was not happy but replaced my fridge. Blow me down when I find this post and give it a go. On the on off switch...... Gave it a clean and working perfectly! Now I have Two working fridges......
Christine_1Christine_12 Feb 2013
Hi, Many thanks to Acrogen and Annibee. The Freezer Temp switch on my SRL3928B developed a mind of its own a few days ago and was driving me bonkers with it bleeping all the time while it cycled through the different temperature settings on its own. :-/ After an extensive search to find a solution, I also found the SERVICE Manual which shows everything you would want to know which includes lots of diagrams and part numbers. This REALLY helped as I could study the parts of the control panel and how to remove etc before attempting to do it myself. It is a bit fiddly but my Samsung Cool 'n' cool is now behaving and most of all I have saved a lot of money on repair. :-) The Service Manual (in PDF) also shows error codes and what they mean. It covers the following models- SRL3928B(A)/39WEB(A) SRL3926B(A)/39NEB(A) SRL3916B(A)/39NMB(A) SRL3626B(A)/36NEB(A) SRL3616B If the link doesn't work, please contact me as I shall be keeping it on file for future reference!! <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a>
philjonwphiljonw28 Jul 2009
Thanks to all who contributed to solving the problem with my Samsung SR-L39 fridge freezer. This morning, it was making a buzzing sound, and only came on again for a few seconds when I turned it off - and gave the ubiquitous "rd" message. Previously, the compressor had been very noisy and periodically there was a pool of water under the freezer in the mornings. I had tried to deal with this by re-hanging the doors to make sure they were sealing properly, but, although I improved the opening and closing of the doors, it did not solve the problems. This morning, with the fridge totally out of action, I decided to follow Acrogen and others' suggestions. There was siginifcant build-up of solder "lichen" on (and around) the power switch, which I scraped off and scpraed the other switches for good measure, although I couldn't see anything on them: no cure. Then I removed and swapped the power and "super" switches: no cure. So I removed and scraped (sides and underneath) the other four switches as well and re-soldered them back in. Voila! It's all working - and quietly for the first time in several months, if not longer. I'm very grateful for the advice here!
6foot6inches6foot6inches12 May 2009
Acrogen, you're a genius! I dismantled the control panel on my fridge according to your instructions (thanks also to Annibee for the additional pointers) and cleaned the power button as instructed. I could barely see the 'whiskers' on the button, despite knowing what I was looking for, so I'm full of admiration that you managed to identify this problem in the first place! Anyway, I put everything back together and was slightly surprised that the unit even turned back on. But even better than that, the fridge is now working perfectly again! So, a big thank you to Acrogen for saving me the £500 on a new equivalent fridge! You are a star!
annibeeannibee21 Oct 2008
I had the same problem and am very grateful to Acrogen for the solution which I managed to complete. Here is some additional help if anyone else (layman) is going to try this for themselves - you need nimble fingers and to be careful not to disturb things too much. Follow the steps exactly that Acrogen provides, especially unplugging the power cord! The front plastic fascia panel with the buttons and central display in it, clips onto a rim at the top. Once two screws are undone, carefully put a small screwdriver between the fridge 'roof' and the fascia near one end and lift the fascia up. You should see the rim and be able to unpop it easily. Don't disconnect the right hand side, just the two left hand plugs and the two spade connectors. The light switch is held in by raised pieces of plastic on the top and bottom of the switch. Shut the fridge door and rest the fascia on top. Press down onto the raised bit and gently push a little bit up to disengage the lower lug and push outwards. Everything else is just as as described. The description of silver lichen is perfect and it showed up well against the black of the switch when I used a magnifying glass. Be sure to screw the metal strengthener containing the circuit board and buttons all the way down - do not overtighten of course - but check the buttons press freely and make contact with the board.
acrogenacrogen20 Jan 2008
General problem for SR-L36 and SR-L39 range and how to fix it. These fridge freezers have a panel at the top which has 6 buttons and a display on it . In the course of manufacture and over a period of use a little metallic whisker can grow between the two contacts of any one of these 6 switches. The effect of this is that the electronics in the unit thinks that you are pressing this button at random or holding the button down continuously. In our case it was the "super" button that was the one where the whisker was causing the problem. As a result it would switch on to "super" and off again. This would be accompanied by a "beep" indicating that it thought a button had been pressed. When I dissasembled the unit today to identify the problem initially I found that all the switches were showing some level of whisker growth but the "super" button had complete growth between the two pins. Removing whisker growth restored normal operation. The effect of whisker growth on each switch will have different effects on the fridge/freezer operation. This means that whisker growth on the "power switch" would cause the machine to turn on and off at random or stay permanently on or off. The "super" button would cause the "super" function to switch on and off as described above. Likewise the "fre. temp" , Ref. temp" and "eco" switch would also cycle on and off or cause the function to stick and stop any of the other buttons working. If the whisker is on the "VAC" button it will quite possibly inhibit the fridge from working while the freezer continues to run. Fixing the problem can be done by someone competent to do this sort of thing. Turn electricity off and remove plug. Remove panel at top of appliance by two screws and deforming plastic at top. Disconnect plugs to Printed Circuit board assembly (that supports switches) making note of how to reconnect. Remove this assembly from moulding. (the light switch may be in the way so take this out first) Remove metal switch board strengthener. Remove long switch Printed Circuit Board from computer Printed circuit board. You now have the switch and display assembly printed circuit board. If you look VERY carefully at the side of the switches ( little square thing with button on top) then between the pins you will see little "silver" whiskers that look like a silver coloured lichen growth. You need to carefully scratch this away with a sharp knife. Ideally the switch needs desoldering to ensure it is clear of whiskers underneath as well. Look at all the other switches to ensure another one is not about to give trouble as well. Reassemble and hopefully all is now well.
CarolStokesCarolStokes10 Jul 2006
Have you tried unplugging from the wall and letting the computer chip reset itself? Mine did a similar thing (on tghe freezer side), the temp would be fine then I'd check and it would start climbing. I had repair come look and was told the mother board on the freezer side had gone out. Try unplugging first to see if it won't reset itself. Hope this helps.
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