Location of Switch for Door Open Light - ZX 1.9TD Volcane

Just recently purchased the car, which I am enjoying v. much! One minor niggle that I'd like to get sorted is that the passenger side door open/shut switch appears to be faulty. The light that says whether a door is open permanently stays on (except on odd occasions, and I've yet to work out the knack to shutting the door in the correct way!). Do you know where the switch is located? My first thought was that it was the black push switch that controls the interior light, but this appears not to be the case as the interior light functions correctly all the time. The previous owner did say that the Citroen garage claimed it would be a costly repair as they have to get inside the door (or some other excuse). Could you confirm this? Thanks for your help!

1 Answer

dezzadezza9 Jan 2002
Dave, Do you mean the indicator light on the dashboard for the door? Or the interior light that comes on when you open a door? Email me private if you want, or reply to this. I'll take a look on mine.
authordavebarrett 9 Jan 2002
Hi Dezza, I mean the red light on the dashboard is permanently on (well, almost permanently!). I've found the black push-switch on the door (by the hinge) that controls the interior light, but this doesn't help! On another note... I noticed your comment about parcel shelf strings... Mine have completely gone (the elastic, that is)... what's the best way of sorting them out? I was going to try simply replacing the elastic (somehow!) and threading them back through... is this the easiest way to fix it? Thanks for your help!
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