Light staying on on bauknecht gsf 5344

Hi, I hope you will be able to help me. I inherited a bauknecht gsf 5344 dishwasher without instructions. It works reasonably well, but a red light comes on whenever I switch the machine on. The symbol is two curved arrows pointing away from each other. Is there something wrong, or am I simply not giving it something it needs. Thanks for your assistance.

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markinlamarkinla10 Sep 2005
Please understand that this is strictly from memory of Bauknecht when I lived in The Netherlands - and I've been back in the US for a couple of years now --- but - I think the two curved errors have some meaning such as low salt or clogged or cramped water inlet or water outlet. Again, not sure. Strictly from memory. If you have a place to add the salt, then do so (you can buy it at any grocery store in Holland but it is specially made for dishwashers) and if you have a rinse-aid compartment, make sure it's filled up too. My Miele will nag me with a stupid little light if I don't have both Salt and Rinse Aid in place. Of course the new detergents don't require either - but the programming doesn't know that and it's just easier to add it than to put up with the annoyance of a constant light making one wonder if something is wrong! Good luck. That machine should give you good service for few years. Enjoy it! M
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