John Deere 175 Carburetor Settings

Does anyone have the settings for the idle and mixture adjustment for a John Deere 175 with a 14 HP Kawasaki engine. I made the mistake of changing mine in an attempt to get it running better and I don't know what they are supposed to be set at. Thanks in advance for the help.

1 Answer

jlesfordjlesford8 Aug 2006
Turn idle mixture screw clockwise until lightly seated, then counterclockwise 1-1/8 turns. (If this (and the attached diagram)doesn't help you out, let me know)
authorLyndMaine 8 Aug 2006
Thanks for the adjustment information. I will try that tonight and let you know how it works. I was unable to find the attached diagram though...I am new to the forum...Is there something special that I need to do?
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