Info about Scotts 46572X8 Lawn Tractor

Hello. I've just purchased a used Scotts 46572X8 19HP 46" Lawn Tractor. I'm trying to find out some information about it. The owner didn't have a manual and I can't find any info about this model online, so does anyone know where I could get a manual for this mower or find some more detail about it online? Please let me know. Thank you. WATYF

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cockerspanielblondecockerspanielblonde23 Jun 2004
I hope you got a good deal. Answering these questions on Scotts mowers would lead me to believe they are junk. You have already come across your first problem. There will be many more to come. The Scott website is useless for any type of information on any of the models. You are flying blind. I hope you are on friendly terms with your local small engine repair guy. Not to sound abrasive or anything.. I just think the detriments outway the benefits of your mower. You should see some of the unusual questions I have been getting about this brand... stuff that would make you think "why is that not easy to fix?" and "why is that a problem?". Mostly, it's a parts issue... People cannot get parts for these mowers. I hope these comments are of some use to you..... or maybe they are the rantings of a crazed lunatic and the mower is perfectly good. Maybe you got the one that was built on a Tuesday, everyone elses was made on a Friday or Monday....
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