IBM Wheelwriter 1000 Beeping

Hi! I have an IBC Wheelwriter 1000 by Lexmark, Machine Type 6781-024. I can't find any manuals or guides. My problem is that when I turn on the typewriter, it beeps at me, and 2 of the 3 green Line Space indicator lights blink, and the machine won't turn on. I've turned it off and on, unplugged & replugged, and replaced the batteries. I would really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

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dbozickdbozick25 Oct 2004
Hello, I think I have a W/W diagnostic code somewhere around, so I will look for it. In the meantime, the first thing I would do is remove the ribbon and Print Wheel and see if it powers on without them. This will help to diagnose it. I have seen ribbons and Print Wheels not installed properly that will prevent it from cycling properly duting the Power On sequence. Another thing to check is whether or not the transport rail is gummed up or if something is inside the machine preventing movement. The transport rail is the piece that the Carrier moves on toward the back of the machine. You can just take a paper towel and wipe it clean of old oil and dirt. If not of these things work, I would lean toward if having a bad transport motor or ribbon lift motor which I have both of in stock. Good Luck! Dave
authorwriterwannab1 25 Oct 2004
Thanks again! You're right. It's 2 LED's out of 4, not 3. Sorry. Also, it's beeping 6 times. Thoughts?
authorwriterwannab1 25 Oct 2004
Thanks for your response. I've changed out the ribbon and correction strip, and cleaned away layers of oily gunk & dirt. I also disconnected and reconnected the power cord, but am still dead in the water. The carriage isn't even attempting to activate. Any more suggestions?
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