How to I "reset"? a Sharp Carousel II Microwave Convection Oven

My mom's microwave/convection oven control panel was not working properly so I unpluged it - hoping to reset it. Now it flashes Mix Conv Auto * 88:88 Med High Med Low I tried unpluging it for a longer time and had the same results. Any suggestions? It's one of the following models: R-9H11B R-9H71B R-9H81B or R-9H91B . The manual lists all of the above so I'm not sure which one it is. Also I couldn't find any help in the manuel on this flashing problem. Thanks !

3 Answers

Paul in SFPaul in SF16 May 2008
Hello, Instead of pressing any and every single button on the keypad, press BOTH the "Stop/Clear" AND "Start" buttons AT THE SAME TIME. . . . . Voilà! Oh, and btw. . .I got this idea (which worked) from remembering the instructions on how to reset my cellphone. Many thanks, ~paul
BklynPeach42BklynPeach4226 Sep 2007
That flashing 88 88 simply means the power went out. Kind of like when your clock radio or VCR flashing 1200 after the power goes out. Remedy: Reset the clock Hit clock on the control panel Set the time you want Hit clock again
MicrowaveControlDotComMicrowaveControlDotCom22 Sep 2007
Does it respond to keypad input? If not, it may have a bad keypad. Even worse, the keypad is no longer available. If it's a problem on the control cirucit board, we may be able to fix it with our $39.95 service. Feel free to e-mail me at for more information or visit our site for details of our repair service:
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