how should i lose weight?

i'm 27 yrs old ,5.7 tall and 240 lbs..i'm on deit now for a week i don't eat any carbohaydrates ot fats..except two toasts at the morning(brown),vegtables and fruits...i eat nothing after 4 pm till i sleep at 11 r 12pm and i keep myself starving, and i excersice two times aweek for an hour but i hardly losing weight almost 2 lbs till now...and i['m afraid i give up at the end and not continuing,somtimes i think this kind of deit not working with me,and i have to make chemical eating vegtables the first day then fruits the second day...etc am i doing somthing wrong?how should i lose weight?

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labbadablabbadab11 Mar 2004
Hi, firstly,stop! Starving yourself like you are isnt helping. You'll find that believe it or not you are eating too little. You must increase your breakfast,how about wholemeal toast,juice,scrambled egg? healthy veg and plain baked potato for lunch and perhaps chicken [without skin] and veg early evening? Spread out your say 40 minutes 3 times a week to start,or,30 minutes 4 times aweek..that would be better. Make sure you eat though,if you starve yourself,you will suffer from malnutrition,plus,any weight you may lose quickly will only be water,which is dangerous. Cut out most sugar,have black tea/coffee switch to unsweetened fruit juice.Watch your dairy intake,if you dont like skimmed milk,use semi skimmed.Make healthy homemade soups too. All foods are fine in moderation,dont forget that. Remember that we are all different,and sadly some of us have more trouble losing weight than others. Please look up some low fat,healthy food receipes,and eat either 4 small portions aday,or 3 larger meals aday,as at the moment,your lack of eating and poor variety of food will make you so bored and you'll quit. diets dont work!...just CUT down on bad foods,dont snack inbetween meals,but,do allow yourself at least 2 small treats a week. make sure you eat regularlly and exercise as I suggested. Dont forget though,it may take time,and,as you exercise,remember muscles as they get stronger get heavier too,so dont get upset if the weight on the scales slows down,you can still lose inches and not actually see weightloss on scales straight away. also,please remember to drink at least 6 large glasses of water aday,it helps flush the system I hope I have helped,and all the best of luck
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