how do i use this machine

I bought a house in Cabris France and it came with a Fagor F 9400 washing machine and I don't know how to use it. Can someone give me guidance in this matter. I don't know how to research the material as well Richard

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studiohead441studiohead44110 Dec 2005
connect it to water put soap in the in tray laundry in the drum .switch on the power have the dial indicator on 1 or in the first segment of the top arc . push in the starter and experiment until you become proficient . You will get the hang of it all very quickly. Have loads of fun Stu
jwcarrjwcarr7 Dec 2005
i agree
Stargates Inc.Stargates Inc.5 Dec 2005
Try contacting the manufacture from the website or calling them info is here in English
alvalialvali3 Dec 2005
L.S., Have a look at the website:
aritecaritec3 Dec 2005
the only thing I know is that fagor is made in spain aritec
rene van den boschrene van den bosch3 Dec 2005
Check their website for a manual
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