How do I fix the E32 problem with Sharp ER-A440 cash register?

I have done the master reset and cashier programming. I tried to start by pressing: 1 then it sounded the buzz and displayed E32. Other ways also caused this error. Thanks for your help in advance

2 Answers

justoldjimjustoldjim16 Sep 2009
I do not deal with cash registers sotty
jimcrippsjimcripps10 Sep 2009
Here are some possilities I found on the 'Net, and then below, my response: --------> Turn the key to OP(x/z) mode Then press [Cash#] then cashier code for eg(01, 02---99) then press [Cash#] then turn key back to Reg mode and try making a sale ((or...)) --------------- The E32 error is saying you need to sign in a clerk. You can do this by entering a 1 and then pressing the CASH # key. ((or...)) --------------- A service manual for this unit says this about that error: "press the key and take a proper action according to the table below." Which says also, "No entry of your cashier code. Make a cashier code entry.". The service manual isn't very helpful for this problem, but I'll try to attach it.
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