fuel injector problem

when the car starts the idle jumps and the car stalls after it stalls the fuel pump kicks on and injectors spray you can hear spark knock inside distributor without car running when it stalls and pump kicks on-off, tach will jump up and down when key is turned on, check engine light will not come on unless this intermittent problem is present fuel pump relay has been replaced when pump and injector spray, if you disconnect module wiring at distributor the injector and pump will stop running when pump and injector spray with key on and engine not running, if you remove metal cup inside distributor, injector and pump will stop working (possibly a feedback or short?) sometimes the system gives a code of 98 Thank you

2 Answers

peter_Cardiff_Walespeter_Cardiff_Wales25 May 2002
hi petem, One thing before I start, is this a British vehicle? Regards pete
authorpetem 25 May 2002
No sir it is not. I also forgot to mention, it is a 1.9 tbi.
CybersaurusREXXCybersaurusREXX24 May 2002
My first impulse was to reject the question, since my experience with fuel injection has not been very successful (@#$% computers!!). Look for someone on the forum with professional experience and provide them with the year and engine type, and also submit your question to other sites.
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