driver for Smart Media adapter - VR-1FPN

Where can I download a driver for VR-1FPN for WINDOWS 2000? Please, i cannot find it yet anywhere. Is there also updates or upgrates for VR-1FPN for WINDOWS 98? thanks a ot. By paying a taken videdo, it is not very sharp especially when its zoomed. Can i improve it? thanks a lot. VN-EZ1S is great smart thing.

2 Answers

GerdienGerdien6 Sep 2002
I've a driver, I use Windows 95 and I don't know if 2000 needs a different driver. I also don't know where you can download it, did you try to contact Sharp about this? I can send you the driver if you like. My emailaddress is Your mail will come in my junkmailfolder, if you type "Sharp" in the topicbox I might see it's not junkmail. Succes anyways! The video's are not sharp when the objects are moving to fast or when I zoom. I guess we have to live with it. And yes, it's a great cam cause it the movies are in asf format and easy to use on the internet.
pnangpnang2 Sep 2002
Dear Servo, Sorry for a late reply ...Honestly, I am not quite sure what vr-1fpn is, anyway, I hope this link could help you, this link below is for smartmedia reader ...
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