After a disastrous short circuit I need to take out my dashboard. Does anyone have a clue on how to do this? I tore everything out that I could but I can't seem to find how the top is attached. I am a student in despair. Answers in Dutch or english are fine

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simacosimaco1 Mar 2004
To dismount the dashboard, it is necessary: - To disconnect the battery. - To deposit the wheel, the lower and higher protection of the steering column. - To deposit the 2 fastening bolts of the steering column. - To deposit the button of headlamp setting, the ring and the 2 screws. - To deposit the central plastic mask. - To deposit the fastening screws of the ordering of heating. - To deposit the fastening screws of the console (car radio) - To deposit the mask brake, to move back the console and to disconnect the connectors. - To deposit the fastening screw of the block of heating. - To disconnect the connectors of cablâges (there are 9 of them) - To deposit the 2 screws (left and right) under the beaches fronts, but not to deposit the beaches. - To release left and right side fixings on the case. - To draw the complete dashboard panel horizontally to release central fixing under the front beach. - It is done! Pour démonter le tableau de bord, il faut: - Débrancher la batterie. - Déposer le volant, la protection inférieure et supérieure de la colonne de direction. - Déposer les 2 écrous de fixation de la colonne de direction. - Déposer le bouton de réglage des phares, la bague et les 2 vis. - Déposer le cache en plastique central. - Déposer les vis de fixation de la commande de chauffage. - Déposer les vis de fixation de la console (autoradio) - Déposer le cache frein, reculer la console et débracher les connecteurs. - Déposer la vis de fixation du bloc de chauffage. - Débrancher les connecteurs de cablâges (il y en a 9) - Déposer les 2 vis (gauche et droite) sous les plages avants, mais ne pas déposer les plages. - Dégager les fixations latérales gauches et droites sur la caisse - Tirer la planche de bord horizontalement pour dégager la fixation centrale sous la plage avant. - C'est fait!
JimScottJimScott27 Feb 2004
From what I can remember: a. Disconnect the battery (if you're careful like that) b. Take off the bit of plastic trim just below the heater controls (no screws holding this on, just prise it off) c. Take the steering wheel off. Not so easy. Depending on the model perhaps but for mine it was a case of pulling the badded bit out of the middle of the steering wheel. Take off a spring clip. Undoing a couple of big star screws. Oh, yes, best to get your steering dead straight before doing this so when you put it back on your steering wheel can go back on straight too. d. Take off the plastic panels around the steering column and I seem to remember having to undo the indicator or music control stork too at some point. e. Undo the screws at the bottom of the instrument panel (in front of the steering wheel and under the heater conrol (under the plastic panel you took off before)). f. Getting the instrument panel out is a little tricky as all the wires kind of hold it in place. I used to undo the voice speaker unit and reach inside to disconnect the three buttons for the fog lights and hazard lights (take car doing this they're the sort of connectors that come apart when you try to disconnect them)! Now here's the thing, I don't remember there being any screws at the top of the instrument panel holding it in. I think you just sort of lift up the bottom and withdraw pulling it towards you. g. As you start to pull the dash out, you need to undo the connectors as you go. Pay some attention to what you're pulling off from where as you do this as you're going to have to put the connectors back on when putting it all back together! Had a quick look over the Haynes manual, which says much the same as above (no mention of screws at the top of the dashboard either) - "Make sure that the metal connecting clip between the main printed circuit and the one for the tachometer is in place, as switching on the ignition without it could cause a short circuit." Can't say I remember having taken any special care with that one. Good luck. Lovely comfortable and quite powerful car!
Bernard BrownBernard Brown26 Feb 2004
Its a pleasure to hear that the 25 is still going strong. The answer to your problem is quite simple. Along the bottom edge is a trim strip which is prised out and remove the fixing screws. Now remove the steering wheel and the column shroud, this will reveal more screws (two I think). Disconnect all plugs from the rear noting how many and where they go. Pull the panel out from the bottom edge which should allow the top to free itself from the surround. You can if required ring me on +44 (0)1651 842793. Regards Bernard Brown
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