Casio CE-4000 E04 error

Hi I have a casio ce-4000. every button i press i get a e04 error. I have tried resetting the machine with no luck. Has anyone got instructions for a master reset that will clear everything and allow programmming from the start. Thanks

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hevesheves13 Sep 2005
If you need more information you can get a manual for the Casio CE-4000 here:
Try entering Canada: 108x5 USA 208x5 x being if you see any push button =0 if not enter 1 it means a cash key needs to be progammed Sub-Total 11 Cash 22 Sub-Total 33 Chk/Tend 11 Cash 22 Sub-Total 33 Chk/Tend Initialization operation is complete Recipt print if everything is normal But before anything try this, wich would be the correct unlock procedure Key to OFF press RECEIPT FEED and while holdingit down TURN KEY TO X1 WAIT RELEASE ''RECEIPT FEED'' You should see ffffffff on display press Sub-Total IF it works try your ECR if not try to reset .TOP SOLUTION GOOD LUCK
authormalcolmh 1 Aug 2005
OK i am using the right button. Many thanks for all your help. i suppose i will put it out for the rubbish. It's a shame the till was new and only used for 1 yr and has sat in storage for the past 18months. Once again many thanks for your help
authormalcolmh 1 Aug 2005
Many thanks unfortunatley none of that worked. i can enter the numbers 11501/208 etc etc but the minute i press the subtotal or any other button i get the e04 message. Your first suggestion to press J key and turn key to x1 did not return ffffff, just 0 Malcolm
Error E04: means that a clerk switch was done if you tried the solution given by Edwin this should have resetted the erc to a default programm...11501 depended on the ECR's IPL installed. Make sure that you keep the journal key down when switching your key from off to pgm and wait couple of seconds before releasing it. A display with all zero confirms the operation, then enter 11501(I am not sure,will check),depress Sub-total wait for a tone or a receipt. if tone : looking for ecr network designation depress Sub-total and should see that It has become an independent ECR. IF Receipt: everything is fine. If you have clerk push button depress #1 (default Clerk key) Go to REG position and try a default Dept and Tender should have been loaded.
authormalcolmh 30 Jul 2005
HI I tried to do that but when i entered the 11501 and pressed sub total i got the E04 error again Thanks
AindAind30 Jul 2005
put the key in off position press the journal feed while pressing the journal feed, turns the key in to the program position releas the journal feed key (the display shows a lot of zero's) press 11501 and press subtotal. when there's a receipt print turns the key back into the reg position. the ecr should now work, with a default program. Regards, Edwin
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