Casio Cash Register TE-1500. How to fix E049 error message pleasee

Hello, i have a casio TE-1500 cash register. I am using it in a bar situation and i have it set up so that each bartender has to sign in as a clerk when they do a sale. I have about 17 clerks programmed into it, but only three or four use it at any one time. The problem i am having is that some of the clerks when they sign in and try to do a sale an error message E049 comes up and they cant do any sales under their clerk number. however they can do a sale under another clerk number. The manual just says that the message means the tracking index memory is full and i need to clear it... How do i do that and why ios it that only some clerks get the message and others don't. The really weird thing is that it seems to switch , some days clerks will work fine and the next day they are getting the eror message when they sign in. I do z and x reports but still the problem comes up. Is there some special way i can clear this. I don't understand why it says to solve the problem i need to finalize and close the check number curently used when their should be no check number as i am not using a check tracking systemm as far as i know. Maybe i did not program the clerk feature correctly... Any ideas on how to solve this??? i am desperate...

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reparelecreparelec8 Dec 2009
Hello, Don't know this ECR but if memory is full... If the TE 1500 is not a "big hospitality" ECR I'm not sure you can have 17 clercks. But if the ECR has let you programm 17, maybe it's not the issue. To "clear" the "memory", just do a Z : it will print all sales, by depts, by clercks, etc... (maybe you will have to do multiple Z to all clear). It's possible that sales by clerck memory should be full for certain clecrks... Regards
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