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I have just purchased a 2000 C70 conv and love the vehicle except for the extremely jarring ride over rough spots in road or manholes. Dealership blames the 17" wheels as being very unforgiving and sporty ("feel the road"), but I have heard other previous owners complain of some problem, so bad that they traded off the car to get a different make rather than put up with the rough ride. Any comments or similar experiences?? I am considering trading in the 17" wheels for 16" to get more rubber between me and the road, but I think it will be a waste of time and $$.

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Allan WAllan W19 Sep 2003
Hi, my -98 C70 Coupe is equipped with the stiffer suspension option, which gives a stiffer ride with a lowered chassie. As I 99% of the time drive on very good roads I have no problem with comfort. On the contrary, I find the ride pleasant and I can really feel how the car behaves, which I like. If I had a convertible I would most likely drive differently (smoother) and therefor appreciate a softer ride. Check via the Options List if your car has been equipped with the Sport suspension Option. (I don't remember exactly what this Option called) If so, go to your Volvo dealer and try a C70 with the "normal" suspension. If you like it, just ask them to replace your suspension accordingly. Could be quite expensive though...I guess 16" wheels is a possibility, but it would also cost you dearly and it would hurt (my) the eye! Perhaps you can get away with changing the shock absorbers only? Ask your garage!
S70DS70D16 Sep 2003
Hello Sbradford, This is a typical 'problem' for all Volvo's with 17'' wheels. The car looks much better, but indeed, it's a quite sporty ride and the comfort is not that good. For example, I have a S60 with 17'' alloys and I feel a big difference when I drove with the same car with 16"" allloys. My father has a C70 (coupe) with 17"" alloys, but to my opinion, his car has more comfort compared to the mine. I think comfort will be better with the 16'' alloys. Several people also changed the springs, with a remarkable difference in comfort, without loss of road holding. If you want, you can further inform on the website of volvospy: www.vvspy.com in the catergory other models in the forums! I haven't heart of a major problem but maybe other people on the forums can help you further! But overall seen, the C70 is a very good car, very safe, good road holding (coupe), nice engines,... But with the convertible, the road holding is a bit less compared to the coupe, as the chassis isn't as stiff, but to my opinion, people driving a convertible, drive more "cool" than people driving a sports coupe. I hope this answer satisfies you :) If you have more questions, don't hesitate to contact me! With kind regards, Frank
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