Armada 1700 BIOS

How do you enter the BIOS settings for a Compaq Aramda 1700. I've tried F2, F10, DEL, F1, and nothing has worked. Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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troltrol4 Feb 2004
I'm sorrie to tell you that I have not worked with the compaq armada for ages. 9*So I really don't know. The best thing to do Is to just go to and ask the question there in the support section. Sorrie to have disappointed you
BidletBidlet31 Jan 2004
Hi ssblair, The armada 1700's didn't have inbuilt BIOS settings for setup had to be installed on the hard drive or run from a floppy disk. If it is installed on your hard drive you can run the bios setup by pressing F10 when you notice a cursor in the top right(?) corner of the screen shortly after turning the unit on. Otherwise you'll have to download the setup from and put it on a floppy and run it from there; the floppy created is bootable so your laptop should go straight into the setup. Good luck! Bidlet
MockenrueMockenrue28 Jan 2004
I seem to remember it was F11 or F12.
polisukpolisuk21 Jan 2004
Here are the instructions for my Compaq Armada M300: "Turn on or restart the computer, then press F10 when the blinking cursor appears upper-right on the screen." If this doesn't work try the site.
SilverrapSilverrap21 Jan 2004
F10 normally
j18nlj18nl21 Jan 2004
For Compaq it always have been F10 as far as I know, so when you see the Compaq logo, press F10 a couple of times and you should enter the BIOS.
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