AEG oko-lavamat 6955 sensorlogic, code F9

I own an AEG 6955 sensorlogic washing machine. This morming I did my laundry, but an error occured at the end of the program: F9. My laundry was ready, there was no water left in the machine (or under it..) and it was as dry as always (I had heard the machine rotate). My manual only mentions F1 and F2 in case of problems. I tried to reset, but that didn't work. I took the power of, checked watersupply and filter, but that didn't word either. I bought this machine in '97, and it worked perfect until now. Is it worth reparing, and what could be the problem?

4 Answers

lawrencehlawrenceh10 Jul 2007
Hi mamarion I am 99% percent certain that the brushes in the motor need replacing. It is not so difficult to do. I took some photos so I knew how to put everything back. Good luck Lawrence
lamawaaielamawaaie9 Jul 2007
It is probably not worth repairing unless you can do the job yourself....
fronthousefronthouse9 Jul 2007
Sorry can't help you
stinkystinky8 Jul 2007
gif mee the pnc number its start whit 9 my engels is not very good but i try i heer jouy
authormamarion 9 Jul 2007
Hallo Stinky, Bedankt voor je reactie. Ik zag in je profiel dat je nederlands was, dus dat ik lekker makkelijk. Mijn pcn nummer is 95866055. Alvast bedankt! Marion
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