I forgot my username and/or password

That’s not a problem at all. Just go to this page, and we’ll get if for you.

Can I create a Maxperience user account as a company or organisation?

Companies, brands, products, clubs etc, are available above all as subjects to post experiences and questions about. It is most clear when the actual posts, questions, answers, etc. are posted by people with a personal name and face and not by brands or "pages".
If visitors to the subject page Nubikez (a company) see as a user with subject experience: -Harry Langerak | Founder- or -Harry Langerak | Marketing department-, that gives a more human feeling than if "Nubikez" is listed as a "user" with personal subject experience.
However, it may be desirable (for example for a marketing department) to have a user account under the company name. Imagine you work for Bugaboo and you want to create a user account for a (more formal) dialogue between your customers/prospects and the company. In this case, do not just use "Bugaboo" as the username, but something like Team Bugabo, Bugaboo Customer Care, Bugaboo Marketing or Bugaboo HQ.

Where can I ask other questions, or give feedback?

If you have more questions or suggestions specifically for the Maxperience team, don’t hesitate to reach out via info(at)