Welcome to Maxperience

Share good or bad experiences and answer questions about specific things that you know first-hand.

First hand experiences beyond Q&A

The site's focused experience groups differentiate it from conventional question-and-answer sites. Maxperience members create a profile based on their personal experiences, products owned and subjects of expertise. This establishes a group of experts for each topic that visitors can contact directly for advice. Besides ensuring more quality responses, this avoids that questions are just posted into outer space to everybody (or nobody) or that answers only come from the same old friendship networks.
While experience posts and online reviews have tremendous value, they are a dead end if users can’t easily follow up on the subject.

Show what you know

The name Maxperience shows that users not only maximize their own experiences, but also those of others. You can easily contact experts who have personally experienced what you want to know. For those people, it’s rewarding to be able to help others by sharing their knowledge.
Alongside Q&A, Maxperience enables members to share good and bad experiences even when there are no questions posted, for instance about successful purchases, wrong choices, or new solutions. In a nutshell: On Facebook you share what you like. On Maxperience you show what you know.

About Maxperience

Maxperience launched in summer 2012. It has been totally re-imagined from our old site that was called AskAnOwner, one of the world’s first question-and-answer sites launched in 2000 in Dutch and English. Due to the dotcom bust, the site was inactive for several years but was gradually revived. Maxperience currently covers over 5,000 subjects with answered questions from users in 175 countries.
An account on Maxperience is easily created by logging in via Facebook or Twitter. Members can always ask questions anonymously. The website Maxperience is currently in beta.

For Businesses

Are you a subject matter expert or would you like to build your own Q&A and Community platform? Email us sayhello(at)maxperience.com to discuss the possibilities.