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Change Key Assignments on Sharp ER-A310

I've just bought a second hand ER-A310 The previous user had upgraded the machine to have the 30 Department Keys - unfortunately they removed all the key descriptions from this area - including the "AMT" key.

I have read how to re-set the machine from "AskAnOwner", and also found the programming manaul for the A320 as recomended also on this site. However my register does not have an @/For key or an CA/AT key so I am at a loss how to even list what my keys are set to do.

As you can see I am in a mess with this. I have a full user Instruction Manual for the ER-310 - and now also have the Programmers Manual, the Instalation Manual and the Service Manual for the 320 - but it does not help !

Please help,

Thanks & Best Regards,


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    I assume ERA320 codes are like ERA310 codes for the X.950 area so I think you'd better do a Z report to erase all datas, so you can easily drop out the

    depts you don't use !

    So you go to the "S" position (be VERY CAREFUL !!!), and you simply choise the positiopn for the AMT, Xfor key...

    If the problem is that you DON't have a Xfor key, you must RESET the cash register. I will give you how to do BUT I discard you to do it !

    If not, simply go to REG pos and try to do a multiplication :

    for example you can have :

    5 "@/for" 10 "dept01" ( 5 X 0.10$ at dept 01)

    try all the unassigned keys to read the multiplication at the display (of course, 01 0.50)

    I can't believe there is not an X/for key...

    If not : unplug the ECR, key to "SRV" pos (6 o'clock), hold down journal feed, plug, release journal feed, go to 7 o'clock which is "SRV'" pos... you just

    have lost all programmations, tax rates, you have 5 depts, key may have changed place ! to re-assign all the keys you can go to the 950.X section and pick

    out all the functions you need... be patient and don't make mistake ! If I believe the ERA320SRV manual, Xfor key can't be re-assigned, so try all the

    positions first... just try the "11" position key (as it is written at page 8 of ERA320SVR).

    So I discard you to do this... you can go and see a comprehensive distributor of Sharp to re-assign all (I think it is about $120 USD, 100 Euros) and why

    nor programm the whole ECR (about 200 Euros, $250)...

    Before doing anything, I thing you should better do a 950 read : go to "SRV'" position, type 950 X CASH : it will print certain things, keep the receipt.
    (Or, in PGM position, 9950 X CASH and 9900 X CASH).Do the same for 900 X CASH. After, you can re-ptogramm the 900's options at doing :

    (example : line 1 : 901 0100 ; line 2 : 902 1200 ...)
    901.X 0100 CASH 902.X 1200 CASH

    So you will recover the old settings about you ECR.

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