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Espace Shaking/Wobbling - Please Help!

Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum but thought someone might be able to help. I have a 1993 Espace 2.1td. Since we've had it we've had a wobble at approx 35mph (feels like someone pushing the car side to side) I have changed the steering rack (horrible job) due to a leak, replaced the lower rear front bushes, put new discs and pads on, and even changed the wheels and tyres (second hand). Even told the MOT station and he said he checked everything to no avail but suggested a faulty tyre usually causes that problem (hence I replaced the wheels/tyres). I suspect a few things, driveshaft (although from experience the espace ones just pop out when worn!) and also knock on lock, the gearbox (unlikely due to speed related) or faulty front shocks. Could anyone out there help, or give me any advise?
Many Thanks and all the best to all on 'ask an'

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