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My wife and I are relocating from the Bahamas to the US and trying to figure out the best place to settle with great jobs (teaching and nursing jobs) as well as good weather. We're in our late 50s.

We'd also like an affordable, urban/suburban diverse neighborhood and can't decide where to relocate - the Atlanta area has crossed our minds...any thoughts? Any premier medical institutions in this area, or Georgia in general?

We really do appreciate your feedback and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  • mommyto04 mommyto04 | Verenigde Staten | Ervaring met onderwerp (tonen)
    If you're looking for teaching and nursing jobs you are very lucky because there are so many jobs in that area. The job market is so tight right now but teaching and nursing jobs are readily available. There is a shortage of nurses so they are giving great sign on bonuses for nurses! Teachers are need becauses the suburbs of Atlanta are growing so quickly and every school you see is being added on to to accomodate the growing number of kids/students. So those two proffessions you will easily find a good paying job very quickly. As far as which suburb to recommend that is kind of hard to do not knowing more aboutwhat you would prefer. There are so many suburbs and most all of Atlanta is very diverse. I can go into more detail about the suburbs if you would like me to. You can e-mail me.

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